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Everything In This Room Made Someone A Million Bucks


I was watching a video recording of a Seminar one “lazy” afternoon. I was catching up on my informal Financial Education! You know what I mean, the education that you don’t get in school.

The speaker was going on and on about some very interesting facts and figures but I was pretty much preoccupied with other things I was engaged with at the time. Suddenly, he caught my attention.

He said to look around at everything in this room. Then he said, “Everything in this room made someone a Millionaire!”

That was when the light bulb went on. It was like someone hitting a switch in my head and all of a sudden, the computer was turned on and all circuits were go.


I remember attending some meeting that the speaker would comment, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

You hear the figures all the time: By the time you are 65, only 5% will have accumulated any wealth. Does this mean we are looking for a 95% chance of failure or are you an optimist and you are going for the 5% chance of suggest?

Most people look for their education in the traditional Educational Institutions. The Educational Institutions of Higher Education still teach people to become “employees”. As an employee, you are NOT in direct control of your potential Financial future.


When I was a young boy, I would rather play outside than read a book. When I was 10-12 years old, you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) talk to me about becoming rich. I didn’t know what that meant in the first place. I didn’t have an example of this in my family.

If you had a room of 100 people, just ask the question: Who wants to be a Millionaire? Just about everyone would raise their hand. (Do you realize, they didn’t understand the question?)

If you wanted them to lower their hands, all you have to do is explain what they need to do. As you go on and into detail what it takes, you would probably have only 3-5 people left with their hands up!




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