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You Are More Likely to Fail Than to Succeed With Your Online Business


You didn’t start your online business because you just wanted to play on the Internet. You started it because you realized what you were doing is NOT going to get you what you want.

You are not getting what you wanted so you turn to the Virtual World. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, you are more likely to fail than to succeed with your online business.

If this is the case, then why the rush into working online? What you do defines who you are. This includes your online business.


If you can only find a way to give your customers just what they want, you will be a Millionaire!

This may or may not be the case but it is important to deliver the value that your customers are looking for. The bottom line is your connection with your customers. A GREAT example of delivering value is Apple Computers. Steve Jobs stated you can’t give the customer what they want until you introduce them to the new product first!

Why was Apple so successful? Because they had Steve Jobs. At one point, they took him out of the equation and Apple plummeted. They brought him back and they soared to new heights. Although he is gone, they never took him out of the equation again!


Although we are talking about online businesses, the same is true for offline as well as online. THE BOTTOM LINE is this question: Are you a part of your online business?

In her Keynote Address, Sally talks about who you are in relation to others. Sally Hogshead: Keynote speaker – IBM Smarter Global Business Summit

In this address, she talks about identifying your skills and finding the one that sets you apart. This is the defining skill that you have to give more of.

I will leave you with this story:
Some employees finally went to the boss to complain about one of their co-workers. They told the boss he hasn’t done anything in days and just sits in his office staring blankly for hours on end.

To this, the boss exclaimed, “Has he said anything? Ask him if he needs anything, ask him if he needs a cup of coffee! But, what ever you do, leave him alone because the last time he was like this, he came up with a Million Dollar Idea!”




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