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Does Your Online Business Tell Your Story


A Story- recounting of a series of events

You learned your history because someone told the story. History is no more than a record of stories. I always looked at the word as: his story.

Everyone has their own story. Everything you do, the people that you interact with and the events of your life are all a part of your STORY. By the process of reason, one can draw the conclusion that one’s occupation is therefore a part of their story.


Can you truly have separation from your occupation and who you are?

Why is it that if you attend a dinner party, a guest might be introduced to you as: “this is Doctor…” You start asking them about your appendix and they quickly let you know they are not a Medical Doctor but “they have a Doctorate Degree in Literature”. It may have taken 12 years to get that recognition so they wear it proudly (and want you to know it).

Is your business who you are? Is your online business your signature?

Years ago, I used to go to family gatherings and would talk about my online business. My family would let me know in uncertain terms that my “network marketing business” was not a subject of approval conversation. I would quiet up! Soon, the conversation would roll around to how wonderful they were doing in their “careers”.


Most people propel themselves forward because they want to leave a legacy behind of the things they accomplished in their life time. They are always thinking about what others think about them. Because of this, they are holding a dual edged sword. On one hand, they propel themselves forward because they want to be remembered for great things they have done. On the other hand, they hold themselves back because of their own uncertainty about their potential of success and stepping out of what others think is the right thing to do. THEY ARE GUILTY OF CAUSING THEIR OWN FAILURES!

Let me leave you with this Story.
A Network Marketer I know was shopping with her daughter. An older lady was at the checkout a couple people ahead of her. For some unknown reason (to her at the time), she felt compelled to jump ahead and offer to pay for this lady’s groceries. She just swiped her card and asked if she could help her further. Noticing she was alone, she asked her daughter to assist this lady to her car with her groceries while she checked out. Her daughter told her later that the lady was on Social Security and was not sure if her money had yet arrived in her account. (she was in tears as she told the story).
Now, I ask you, could this have happened if she had not allowed herself to propel into SUCCESS?


Can we help you write your STORY with your online business



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