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Experience Success With Your Online Business


Why ask why? Why ask WHY NOT!

Experiencing Success with your online business is the ultimate goal of your existence in this online Virtual Economy. Without this as a running platform, we are merely paying someone else for the experience of being online.

I was just reading an article (DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY). This is a quote from the article:

Question:- What is the secret to getting through the door of opportunity?

Answer:-Being outside the door when it swings open.

I think this says a lot. You may want to read this several times until the words take on a different meaning than just words in a sentence. When the meaning comes thru and you integrate the meaning into your inner value, then you can attain success with your online business.

When I say: “Experience Success”, you have to determine for yourself what this means to you. Does it speak to you? Does it have value in what you do? Do those two words have meaning beyond just 2 words that you can look up in Wikipedia?

To experience success means you are actively seeking to: Answer:-Being outside the door when it swings open.


You are not going to just: Answer:-Being outside the door when it swings open. You have to be actively pursuing what is necessary to build your online business. You can read in others’ stories: “I’ve been struggling for 5 months, I’ve been struggling for 6 months, I’ve been struggling with my business for 10 years – before I found the right formula for Success!

It wasn’t the struggling that was important, it was the experience they were gaining that placed them in front of the door.


In a recent article (You Are More Likely to Fail Than to Succeed With Your Online Business), I wrote this: You didn’t start your online business because you just wanted to play on the Internet. You started it because you realized what you were doing is NOT going to get you what you want.

If you are not getting what you want, then why not start an online business?





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