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It Is Finished


Three little words you don’t ever want to hear in business.

It is finished to many people may feel like an accomplishment. However, in the online World of the Virtual Economy, it is far from FINISHED. Every day needs to begin with new goals and every night has to see new ground covered in relations to your online business.

For many people, when something is FINISHED, it means it is time to move on to new enterprises. Since your purpose in your online presence is to earn an income from home, you do not want that enterprise to come to an end. In today’s business environment, you are on the hunt for what is referred to as: residual income. Residual Income is income that you do the work for one time and your customers continue to buy from you over and over again.


Whether you are selling pizza by the slice or cars at a dealership, you want (need) to have your customers coming back to you every time they get hungry or need a new car. Do you think the advertisers for the Super Bowl need to advertise their products? Of course everyone knows who these companies are because they are an everyday household name. Do you think Coke needs to advertise? After all, who doesn’t know who Coke is? By continuing to advertise, they keep their name lodged into your sub-conscious mind. When you get thirsty, do you want water or do you have to have a COKE!

When you first get started with an “unknown” business, you have to find out where your potential customers hang out. You have to place your message in front of them until they are thirsty and it’s not water they want. (unless you are selling water) Once you have a new customer, you have to keep them thinking of you. This does not take as much effort as getting them in the first place.


In a previous post (You Are Home in Your Virtual World), I share this thought: This was his business that he share via his Internet connection. Although he did not enjoy travel himself, he no doubt caused others to enjoy to best vacations they would ever experience as an adventure. His Home became a Virtual World where by, he allowed others through his unique gifts an opportunity of a life time. 

In our very “connected” world as we live it today, it only takes a thought to create an online business. If you have an idea and are willing to work at placing that idea in front of your potential customers then keep you (your business) in their mind, then you may never have to say: IT IS FINISHED.





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