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Fishing for Piranhas


Imagine you are boating along the Amazon River in South America. Before your trip, you read up on all the information you could get your hands on regarding the region. You desperately wanted to see Piranhas. So, you want to go Fishing for Piranhas.

All you have to do is dangle your foot over the boat into the water and let the Piranhas find you!

Is Fishing for Piranhas that simple especially in the business world? In business, this could be called business suicide. You don’t necessarily want to find something that could shred you in minutes. This pertains to business as well as boating down the Amazon.


Just like playing with fire (and you will get burned), you don’t want to run your business in a careless manner. You can do the most up to date planning in business and still fail. If you did, then something is wrong with your business plan.

Franchise businesses like McDonalds or Burger King are know for their success rates. This is because of the minute details in their planning strategies. Do most online businesses plan to this level of detail? I remember online business ownerscommenting: “we don’t charge enough for this business. If we did, the business owner (or distributor) would take it seriously.”

Is this true or are we just not prepared to make a “go of it” with our online businesses?

Do you know what is meant by: keeping your online business save?

Part of the strategy is mental preparedness. Unfortunately, I see too many people that are not prepared to be in business and are too timid to make their dreams a reality.

Sometimes keeping your online business save is a double edged sword!


Your online business is NOT A TOY!

If you are going to succeed in business, you have to be a student of the business. You have to know your business as best as you can….BUT you cannot sit on your business studying and not doing!

In Network Marketing,they call it dropping into management.The problem with this is as your business starts to grow, you move from building your business to managing your business. This causes your business to go into dormancy then ultimately failure.

Fishing for Piranhas in the business world is similar to hanging your shingle outside of your shop and letting the wind tear it apart. All you have to do to keep your business save is to follow the rules and keep yourself out there meeting new clients, customers or associates.



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