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Is Your Online Business on the Map


When you are a part of the Virtual World, your workspace is defined by: WWW

My commute to work takes me 2 minutes (this includes turning on my computer) but my Home Office is 808 miles away. The office I communicate with is 1923 miles away (give or take a few miles). This just takes an email or phone call.

The Executive Managing Director’s office is 7551 miles away (give or take a few miles, of course). We have offices around the World in several countries. These offices are home offices of home business owners.


The first question that needs to be answered of course is which map?

If you are unclear of this, then think about your customers? If you can’t find yourselves (assuming you are looking), then how will your customers know how to find you (or worst, that they should be looking for you!)

In Yahoo, they have a section called: Trending Now. You may not find yourself listed here but where are you (and your business) being seen? Or, are you flying under radar? This is NOT what you want to do. You want to have your name in lights where people are looking for what you offer.


Several months back, I had a little fun. I was communicating with someone I knew that was from the Netherlands. We always communicated in English. So, I decided to have some fun and send them a message in Dutch. I went to Google Translate, wrote my message in English and copied the Dutch translation. I sent them the translation. You have to be careful with some of these translators because they can mess up the concept of the communication by translating words and not necessarily the meaning.

Are you communicating your online business to the Virtual World?





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