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Chairman of the Board, Your Online Business


When you are setting up your online business, what is the Title you will give yourself? Are you going to be the President, the CEO, the Owner, etc.

The one you can’t take is the Chairman of the Board. This is the one title that is already reserved! The title of Chairman of the Board goes to the one and only Frank Sinatra.  (FRANK SINATRA – THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD   )

Of course, I’m just kidding. But, this is what this terminology places an image of Frank Sinatra as the Chairman of the Board rather than someone sitting in the Board Room of a huge Corporation.

Will you be reserving this title or do you plan to build an online business that will require using the entity of a C-Corporation. If this is the case, then you will be engaging that position within your plans.


Around an office or at the Plant, you might refer to the title of “boss” for someone that makes the day to day decisions for the business. I don’t think I have heard this term for someone with an online business. So getting back to your online business, how do you refer to yourself? Remember, you might be the only employee of this business (because you might be self-employed).

If you set up a business name with the State that you reside in, then it is considered a dba (doing business as). Your banking information my be listed: YOUR NAME, dba: Skyline Marketing Business. Most people that list their business this way title themselves as: owner or proprietor.

Even if you are not running a Corporate Structure, you need to realize what your title means to those that are potentially going to work with you.

Are you going to call yourself that Chairman of the Board?

Do you think you can live up to Frank Sinatra?


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