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ONLINE BUSINESSES, a New Game of Marbles


Do you remember in Peter Pan when the older gentleman is always stating that he lost his marbles? Do you also remember when you realized what this “marble” deal was all about? Well, the “older gentleman” was a visitor of Peter Pan once before when he was a young child. I know, you remember the part that Peter Pan was once in love with the mother!

Well, this isn’t about Peter Pan and a bunch of lost marbles but about a “new game of marbles” disguised as your online business.


Your online business is your new game of marbles. The online business is a product of the advancement of the Internet. It is also the advancement of the entire concept of Network Marketing.

The concept of Network Marketing came about during the time frame after World War II and during the age of the Baby Boomers. Did the Baby Boomers change the face of Business or was it just a natural change of events?

Network Marketingmoved business from the Brick and Mortar Storefronts to the Face to Face Home businesses. The Internet has taken Network Marketingto the next step: your new game of marbles. In this game, we have many new tools and more being provided every day.


As we move forward, we move into the Virtual World.In this game, we can immediately engage in business with someone 7,000 miles away as readily as someone 250 miles away. Now, your range of business has expanded to a Global Economy.

With the expanded range of business comes challenges. Some of these challenges are from competition but some of these are also technical challenges in nature. One of these challenges comes from exchange of payments. One of the newest methods is the use of Cryptocurrencies (one in particular: Compuceeds).

What resources do you use to overcome this challenge?




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