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Rising Water Floats All Boats


I have a few acres of land that I irrigate. When I get water turned on, I enjoy watching the water coming down the ditch before it gets high enough to pull with irrigation tubes. As I watch it, there seems to be a race of water to first wet the surface then it becomes a little turbulent as it proceeds. Then, it just continues to rise until I can get it out of the ditch and where I need it.

Isn’t life like this with your online business? It starts as a trickle (you get started), it starts getting turbulent (this is when you talk to friends and family), and finally, your online business reaches the level that you are actually making some money with it (this is when it reaches the level that you can use it).

Rising water floats all boats is another way of saying stick it thru the turbulence if you are to seek success with your online business.


(psst: do you want to know a secret?) It took me a long time to figure this out!

Getting past the turbulence in your online business means applying business common sense to your business practices.

You don’t have to read the rest of this article if you have a full grasp of what I meant in the above statement. However, many people starting their own business onlinedo not have a clue about running their own business. They listen to the person that “got them involved” and that advice: make a list of your friends and family.

Do you really want to take the turbulence out of your online business?

Find people that are also interested in owning their own businessand talk to them. (This sounds easier than it sounds.)


I know by now you may have heard about Social Media Marketing.This is big, really, really BIG! But this is a part of Digital Marketing.We do not have to grasp all of the marketing techniques because that would be overwhelming.

So, what is the BIG DEAL about DIGITAL MARKETING? I guess to answer that question, I will ask you a question: If you were to Google yourself, who would you say your are? 




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