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Let’s Jump to Earning An Income Online


I don’t know how many places I have read it lately but one of the biggest justifications for a Big Business Expense is: it’s a tax deduction. This is not sufficient in my book as I feel we need to go to a higher level of reasoning for these justifications.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is grand that you can limit your tax liabilities. However, just spending something because you can write it off isn’t enough in some cases. Therefore, let’s jump to EARNING AN INCOME ONLINE!


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the point of having an online business to gain access to earning an income online???

I don’t want to be redundant for the purpose of redundancy but the bottom line is this. A tax deduction is only good if you have an income to write it off against!

I know there are some clever ways to use tax deductions even if you do not have the income to write it off from. However, for the purpose of keeping this simple, let’s just assume (definition of assume: make an ass of u and me) we are looking at 1 income.

With the idea of 1 income, we are going to jump to earning an income online.


If you are about to venture into the World of the Virtual Economy,then you already know there will be expenses that you have to cover (therefore tax deductions). In your manuals, blah, blah, blah….You have to just realize that those expenses need to provide income in some way. (I’m talking about buying marketing toolsas opposed to pens and copy paper.)

Regarding marketing tools,before you make those expenses, have you researched how that particular tool will assist you with your goals? Analyzing your business expense purchases in this manner will assist you in earning an income online therefore, this will give you that income that you can use those tax deductions for.




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