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Why Would Anyone Have an Online Business


Everyone has their own purposes for the things they do. Mine isn’t unique. It may be unique to me but I can use Google and immediately find 100 other people that share my unique purpose.

I started my online business as a way to fund a non-profit program that I was working on at the time. Many people start their own business because they are looking for a career change. Most people see it as a way to earn additional income online.

Whatever your purpose is does not matter as much as your dedication to your endeavors. The key to the success of your online business is the level of dedication you have to your overall purpose.


As I look around the world today, I see so much need. My desire is to become a part of the solution for some of these needs.

I know I do not share the same desires to support the same non-profit organizations that other people do. I won’t list any organizations that I support and/or desire to support. I think this is something that you need to decide for yourself. The bottom line in mentioning this is because my desires to succeed are bigger than myself!

You may be doing a double take on that last statement. However, if you think outside the box and realize that if you put more purpose outside of yourself then you will have to rise to the occasion. By this, I mean you sooner or later hit that point of no return and you can not allow yourself failure. If you can not allow failure, then you have no choice but to SUCCEED!


When you first got started (working in general), did you REALLY know what you wanted or just had a glimpse of it? In an earlier blog post (Your Online Business is NOT Your Goal), I made these statements:

Your online business is the “Tool” for you to achieve your GOALS!

You can love your job or you can love your online business but it is only there for you to reach your goals. The Pursuit of Happiness is the Goal.

Can you take Your Pursuit of Happiness and share this with other people to allow them the same?




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