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Your Online Business, Living the American Dream Part 2



In my original post (Is Your Online Business Living the American Dream), I found there was much to talk about. In this regard, I never ventured into the reason I wrote the post in the first place.

In that post, I talked about the American Dream and what it meant. However, this was not the purpose that I intended to write about. My intentions were based on seeing time after time of talented individuals miss the opportunities that lay in front of them only for them to grasp and make something of. Sometimes this may mean taking something that is considered “nothing” and making something of incredible value.


Does it only have to be an online business? Of course not! It can be any number of pursuits. I write from the perspective of online businesses because of one of my favorite quotes: Bill Gates: “In the future, there will be 2 kinds of businesses, those on the Internet and those going out of business.”

Keeping this in mind, you can draw the conclusion that I will use the perspective that any business venture will at some point in time concern itself with an Internet presence.


This is the real purpose of this blog post and my last one that this is the Part 2 there of. I read a book many years ago titled: I Talk to Animals. In that book, the author stated that prior to our ability to use words and verbal communication, we are capable of non-verbal communications. By this, she was referring to the fact that as a pre-verbal child, we possessed the capability to communicate with animals. She further stated that when we became verbal, only about 3 percent of the population maintained this non-verbal ability of communications.

Why is this important? To me, as we grow, we may gain some abilities (education) but we also lose some abilities (certain levels of communications). I am focused on this lost of certain levels of communications. The reason is because I believe thru this loss, we also lose some of our inner drive.

When we consider children (and their innocence), we often realize that they are so creative when they are young and lose some of this creativity as they grow.

Sometimes our methods of education are damaging to our creative abilities.

I have watched talented individual fail in our system and not being able to share their abilities. I am watching one right now that needs to share his talents but my fear:

You can’t share who you are when you have obstacles in your path.




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