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Your Virtual World, The Value of Your Time


At the time I was sitting in the meeting, the minimum wage was around $5-$6 per hour. As the speaker was talking, he mentioned the average income you would receive after his scenario would be about $o.50 per hour! After all that time, you would only be earning 2 Quarters for an hour of work!

As the speaker continued, he stated the obvious: “I’m worth more than that!

Continuing, the speaker stated when you stay with the program, you start making maybe $2 an hour and you still are worth more than that! As you continue to grow your business, you begin making $10-$15 per hour and you realize this is more like what I’m worth!

Then your business sky-rockets and you are making $50- $100 per hour! You realize I’m not worth that kind of money! Wow!


Fast forward several year and we have another reality check. This reality check is we have entered the Virtual World of E-commerce. What does this mean exactly (especially in relation to this topic of conversation)? That meeting that I was sitting in years ago was at a Hotel meeting for a Network Marketing Company. The speaker was making a lot more money per hour than he was worth! (And he knew it!)

In another article (You Are More Likely to Fail Than to Succeed With Your Online Business), this comment was made:

You are not getting what you wanted so you turn to the Virtual World. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, you are more likely to fail than to succeed with your online business.

Just like the pitfalls of building my Network Marketing Business when I was sitting in that Hotel room, there are pitfalls when building your online business as well. All is not a piece of cake.


I heard this story some time ago.

A businessman was home trying to get some work done. He had his young son with him. So he could have some uninterrupted time, he gave his son a puzzle of the man. His gone was gone and back in record time. When he asked his son how he did the puzzle so quickly, his son replied, “It was simple dad, on the other side was a puzzle of the World, when I put the World together, the Man fell in place!”

Our Online Businesses are only an extension of ourselves!






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