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Build Your Online Business to Support Your Retirement


I don’t know how many people have Yahoo accounts but when you go to your account, there is  a lot of news for your mind to filter thru before you reach your email inbox. I know I have to look over a few titles first. Occasionally, there would be an article on Retirement. I have to at least look into these if not read the entire article. My curiosity is driven by the fact we just do not have the information we need.

I was pretty young when my Aunt and Uncle retired but I will always remember the comment she made, “When we retired, they gave us our final paycheck. And, for the supervisors, they held a special meeting for them so they could discuss special retirement arrangements they may be interested in. They didn’t care about the rest of us.”

She told me this right after she told me about the letter from the Internal Revenue Service informing her about the bill she had for pulling money out of her retirement and not returning it prior to her date of retirement.

If you haven’t seen it, you might want to see the documentary: BROKEN EGGS.


Why do you work at a job? To earn an income. What do they pay you at a job? A wage per hour (or contract) worked.

Why would you ever want to build an online business? Is all you want to earn is an income? If you want more, then I would suggest that you earn an income online thru your own online business.

Let me scream this one to you: YOU WANT TO BE IN CONTROL!

One of the key ingredient you are looking for is RESIDUAL INCOME. The importance of this can not be over emphasized.

RESIDUAL INCOME is like have a Social Security Check ONLY BIGGER (MUCH BIGGER)!

Social Security is like have Residual Income but you are not in control. You do not control when you get it. You do not control how much you get. And you can not guarantee the Politicians won’t give it away before you retire.




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