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Everything I read and heard for years always point to having $1 Million Dollars would be sufficient to retire on. If you could accumulate that sum in your retirement, then you had it made.

For some time, I was beginning to believe this would not be the answer by the time I would retire. Some of the articles I have recently read leads me to believe there is more to tell in this story. I began seeing articles about costs of retirement in other states or other countries.

Then, it was confirmed in my mind when I heard a businessman from Financial Investment business comment about the subject of retirement. He stated that having $1 Million Dollars in your retirement and living off the interest would pace you below the poverty level.

Of course, he was talking about living off an interest rate that is lower than ever and totally unacceptable for a return on investment (ROI). When I was a teenager, I used to get 5% Interest on my Bank Account. Today, I only use a Savings Account to temporarily “Park Money” before I use it for something else. When interest rates are below 1%, there is no incentive to keep money in the account for any period of time.


Retirement is measured in Time and Money.

The goal of retirement (as related to finances) is to NOT outlive your Income. This is not an easy task to calculate anymore. People outliving their retirement is common for a number of factors. The number one factor (my opinion) is due to lack of Financial Planning followed closely by fluctuations within the Financial Markets.

Notice, I did not say: longer life expectancy or wiping out retirements due to Medical Issues, etc.

I recently read an article that pointed out the fact that at least 50% of the population did not have at least $10K by Retirement Age. This is an example of lack of Financial Planning.

If you don’t have $10K, what difference will it be to you if you can’t retire on $1 Million Dollars?


If you don’t have a way to earn more than $1 Million Dollars before you retire, then I have 2 suggestions for you:

  1. Cut down on every expense you can. Start with the idea to STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONES! (They are broke too- trying to keep up with you!) Do you really need that new car or that 5 bedroom home when there are only 3 of you?
  2. START AN ONLINE BUSINESS. This is where I will tell you to do your research. There are so many choices out there and many of them are good. However, there is a four letter word in the concept of WORK FROM HOME. That word is: WORK



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