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This morning like any other mornings, my inbox is full. As I begin to skim through all the subject lines, one caught my attention and has inspired me to write an answer and share it to everyone here with hopes that this would be another lesson for each one of you who are in business with us. Knowledge is power. You will encounter customers that will always have something to say against your business. And thus, you must equip yourself with answers. First of all, thank you to the one who sent this email.

The inquiry:

Just a little feedback on the Portal time line. We were advised initially the the Portal would be a way of getting paid while we were waiting for the US funds to be released. Dave suggested today that we are hoping by end of September or October. Now the latest time line for the Portal suggests the payouts will be about 3 weeks in to October. Within an hour after the time line was posted I personally had at least 6 members that were very very disappointed to say the least. Henry we were lead to believe payouts would be much sooner.

The only reason I have heard is that Compumatrix is probably waiting for more cash to come in before we are paid. I hope there is a better reason. I don’t like the Peter to pay Paul syndrome if that is true. Just my feedback.

My answer:

First of all, the 21-day processing time or payment timeline after the consolidation of estimated earnings at the end of the month is obviously required for accounting and audit purposes. We need to justify your earnings during that time frame by validating each and every transaction made, cards produced and inventory sold. It is apparent that the earning potential on our system is beyond compare and rather falls on the “too good to be true” side and we have to prepare all these reports carefully and ensure transactions during the month of your business operations are properly accounted for. Any adjustment, debit or credit will be posted before it becomes your FINALIZED earnings that you deserve to be paid for in cash. I know some would be disappointed but we have to follow regulations. Besides, you have nothing to lose during the wait but more to gain.

As for your Peter pays Paul concept, you are forgetting one thing. Why is Peter paying Paul? Remember that on this scenario Paul is in the business of selling virtual prepaid cards. This can be compared to Paul selling slices of cake. The main reason why Peter pays Paul is because Peter is buying the card from Paul. A Consumable Virtual Product that allows him to fund his account online to spend on products and services which would satisfy him as a paying customer. Unlike, a scam, ponzi or pyramid scheme, you only pay or spend money to serve selfish interests. No product or service is involved. Operators just collect funds and distribute it to satisfy the greed of every participant of the scheme in order for the scheme to progress.

In a legitimate direct selling business, you have to sell your product to earn. No sales, no earnings. No effort, no progress.

Both legal and illegal ways thread on the same ground when it comes to exerting effort and marketing. But the question is, what do you get when you join the illegal way? A promise for a quick buck.

In legal ways, you don’t get a promise because the promise should come from you as the owner of your online business. You are marketing to attract customers, exerting effort, selling for the main purpose of meeting your business objectives as a Virtual Prepaid Card distributor. And you are rewarded for it with our simple compensation plan. Compumatrix is not waiting for cash. In fact, we don’t need cash at this point in time. But you do. That is why we are here to serve by providing you the technology and mechanism enabling your business to collect from customers buying your cards and get paid commissions for it. You need customers for your business to buy your cards in order for your business to thrive. If you can’t get your business customers to come to you, reassess your goals and reasons why you decided to put up or be in this business in the first place. Continue to learn. Read our blogs. Join our Learning Sessions and Webinars. We are here to always help your business succeed.


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