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Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our situations. Yesterday, I couldn’t write my blog post because I did not find where it was. Yesterday was also a day from hell that I would have written about. Because I did not have access to this blog, I AM GETTING A SECOND CHANCE.

The second chance I am referring to is to NOT write what I would have written about yesterday. Let’s just say it was a rough day between myself and my son.


We are starting on a New Beginning at Compumatrix! This is what we have been waiting for soooo patiently, ha!

This is when we really get to see what Compucceds are made of. It is the stuff that will drive our Virtual Economy for time to come. It’s more than just “another online business”. We are talking about moving and shaking up the World of Ecommerce.

Sometimes, I look back over the years and what if we didn’t take a second chance?

Would the world ever change? If you never took a chance, would anything ever be any different? When you sit down and really look at what you are doing and how it affects those around you, are you really doing what you need to do?


I have to ask myself this question EVERY SINGLE DAY. Have you ever considered asking yourself this question? It is a double sided sword. (I have to warn you) You can never be satisfied with yourself once you have asked this question.

As for myself, I live in a Fairy Tale and I still want to change the World! I know what I do is not for everyone and my wife often asks me: “If this starts working or this is paying…, do you really need to expand what you are doing?” My answer: I will continue to push myself until I have met every need outside of my own that God wants me to meet!

What about you? WHO ARE YOU?


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