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How I Write My Blogs For My Online Business


I don’t know all the answers and I surely do not claim to be an expert on the matter. One item I would like to clear up is the fact that I write differently than others and for a different purpose. If you follow an “expert’s” advice on how to blog, their instructions and tips would definitely be different than what you will read here.

Getting started is as simple as picking a subject matter to write about. I try to do 2 things with this aspect of what to write about. First, I want to write about something that crosses my mind in real life (past, present or future). Second, I want to take that subject and tie it to my overall business plan. (or your overall business plan).

The overall purpose of my blogs is to explore the possibilities of obtaining what you want out of life by applying it to your business. Creating a business plan around what it is you want to accomplish does not mean it will happen over night. However, the possibilities are endless. but this is where you have to put the creative mind to work.


Sometimes we think we know what our plan is for life. Most of the time, we limit our own capabilities. I remember a joke from a long time ago: Do you want to make God laugh? Show him your plans!

I always think I know the direction that I am suppose to head in. Then, life gets in the way! You can plan every thing about your life that you want. In the end, the outcome will probably not be the same as you intended. When I went to College, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. After the first year, I was lost and confused. I took a career aptitude test during the summer. I looked over the results, threw it in a draw and went on about my business. The testing showed a totally different direction than I was taking. After I graduated (and changed my major 6 times), I pulled out that sheet. To my surprise, I graduated with a Degree right in alignment with what the testing results showed!


I started writing years ago. I ran across an ad on how to get paid for writing. I decided to sign up and I would get paid per article written. We had quite the selection of articles we could write so finding something wasn’t an issue. I wrote around 3 articles a day and by the end of the month, I had written just under 100 articles (and I was tired).

That wasn’t fun! Now, I write if I want to and I tie the articles to what I am doing. (Try not to do too many things and write about them.) Right now, I am only writing here at Compumatrix. With this new site, it has been great to know others are seeing your articles. I am actually earning more online from the views than from the Compuceeds I earn from posting them.

I have to look back at my College Education and say thanks for 2 courses (only 2 in the entire 4 years). I identified with Michael Ellsberg, the author of  The Education of Millionaires, when he said of his Ivy League Education at Brown University, the 2 things he got out of his 4 years was his Writing Class and his Speaking Class. I had to agree with him as this is all I got out of my 4 1/2 years at Cornell University.





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