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Online Business Review: Living on the Internet


When I first worked on Computers, there was a term we were taught: GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) That was all there was to the computer. You put it in and you pulled it out. That was, ahem a few decades ago.

I want to follow up on what I was doing with writing blogs for Compumatrix. Earning a living on the Internet can be very difficult or easy (depending on the right formula). In the book: The Laptop Millionaire, there was a comment that caught my attention: It’s so easy making money on the Internet!

This may be the case to some but it is definitely NOT the case for the majority of Online Entrepreneurs. Here is how it works for most people: Most people pay a few people for the secret to making money online. However, the few people that make money online do so because they are selling the secret of how to make money online. However, they do not know the secret and as long as most people do not know this, they will keep paying the few people for this secret that they will never get!


You have reached the point that you can go back and continue doing what you were doing or move forward thru the point of no return.

I knew an entrepreneur that saw his point of no return prior to when most people do. He was broke, homeless, living off friends and pushing their advice away for him to go and get a job. He had reached the point of no return!

He was going to make it online or die trying. There was no alternative for him. He was going to learn how to make money online, END OF STORY!

When he found his formula, the money began to pour in!

I would like to tell you more about his story and success however, this isn’t about him, IT’S ABOUT YOU!

The question for you is this: WILL YOU PUSH FORWARD TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN?




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