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Getting messy!

Kids get messy when they play. A caring parent will understand that–even expect it.

We, as creative beings, get messy too. We do things that seem to be mistakes, that seem to cause problems. As a loving parent to ourselves, understanding that and expecting it will ease our lives considerably. Creativity is quite messy. But the courage it takes to step out and get messy brings it’s own rewards.

Compumatrix and it’s founder, have been willing to get messy! And through that messiness, a new creation a has been borne. We now have a model of business that allows a cooperative community to work together to build a new thriving future, where everyone wins and nobody loses.

As we step into that future, we see that whatever has happened before…all the messiness…has led to something bigger and more amazing than anyone could have imagined.  How exciting to watch and see where it takes us now!

All is well!


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