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Is it a Fairy Tale or is it real? Do you remember the old Memorex commercials? When sound is so clear, Is it Memorex or is it real? If you ever thought about becoming a Millionaire, ask yourself this question: Is it a Fairy Tale or is it Real?

I was reading an article this morning in Yahoo News (20 Easy Things That Will Make You the Next Millionaire). One of the 20 Things on the list was: Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Big Vision. The entire article was worth the read however, it was this sub-title that caught my attention. In the World of Online Business, we have to be very much aware of the need to Have a Big Vision. It reminds me of setting your goals to jump to the moon instead of trying to jump over the barn. If you attempt to jump to the moon, you might make it over the barn. But, if you “limit” your goal to only jumping over the barn, you might smack yourself into the side of the barn!


You know you have to set your goals high. Small goals or sub-goals are fine if they are a part of the larger (bigger) picture. Some people state: Plan with the end in mind!

When you plan with the end in mind, you are basically looking at the “end” result that you wish to achieve. From this point, you are going to work your way backwards to unravel the pieces of the goals it would take you to reach that intended destination.

An example would be taking a trip by car from Chicago to Boston. You don’t just get in the car and start driving. You might wind up in Seattle asking yourself if this is where you were going. If you were planning this trip, the first thing you would do is determine if you are going North, South, East or West. This you would determine by knowing what your desired end result would be: going to Boston!

How does this affect your business? For most, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply! I state this because they got in their vehicle (their online business) and they started driving (regardless of the direction). When they arrived at their destination (failure and broke), they decided this does not work!

Again, this was just an example of not planning with the end in mind!




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