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What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen


While reading an article (Billy Joel And The Audacious Power Of Asking), it occurred to me that this is a very BIG subject. This phrase was in the article: And sometimes if you’re brave enough to ask BIG, you’ll receive BIG!

Of course the above statement is the flip side of the situation. It is said: you can’t receive if you don’t ask. The World is limitless if only you ask. You can find quotes left and right on receiving but none is important until you ask the question.

Again, we approach with this: can you ask the question? If you wanted something from someone and they did not give it to you, Did they know you wanted it? Or, were you going to wait until they found out what you wanted?


Many times, the question is not asked due to FEAR. Why is this the case? We grow up being told NO so much when we are young that we FEAR this is the result we will receive. We FEAR that we will be embarrassed if we ask the question and it is not taken right. We FEAR that we will be laughed at or ridiculed if we dare to ask the question.

There are so many fears that we live with every day and all we have to do is pick one, embrace it and it is now our reality. This is the reason we can not ask the question.

When conducting business, we often are hesitant to ask questions or call on prospects. We FEAR what others will think of us although these people may never know who we are or otherwise meet them. We paralyze our ability to conduct our own online business by grasping onto this FEAR.

What is the worst thing that can happen anyway if we ask the question?

Can we be rejected? Yes (but we can not be accepted if we do not ask)
Can we be scorned by those we call? Yes (but we can not conduct business if we never contact anyone)
Can we be turned down? Yes (but we can never win if we do not enter the race)




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