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It is not enough to have an idea in this World of Ecommerce. You have to have the ability to move the product to market and above all else, there is no purpose at all with Ecommerce without an adequate Payment Solution.

Entrepreneurs have struggled with this since the beginning of Commerce. Payments were originally in part a bartering system whereas someone would sell a bushel of grain in exchange for a young lamb. Then people moved to more sophisticated means of payment such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. As time progressed into the present, we moved into Banking and electronic movement of money.

With the advent of the Internet, the desire for the collapse of time of payment has become evident. Products are shipped and arrive in days and a “30 day net” payment is no longer acceptable. We now need a solution that is immediate (if not sooner)!


If you create a vacuum, momentarily, surround air will rush to fill the void. This is the same as the “sonic boom” we hear when a jet travels faster than the speed of sound. DIGITAL CURRENCY is rushing to fill that void in the E-commerce market.

What is Digital Currency? This would take some time to explain in full detail so let it suffice for a shorter version. Digital Currency is the future of movement of funds regarding payment solutions for our Virtual Economy.

Now, I know that is a very very short explanation for a matter that is becoming so expansive. The first real recognition of this came with the sudden explosion of Bitcoin. Although it has been around for some time, it tool a while for it to become recognized in the market place. It’s recognition has come about due to the need for adequate payment solutions to drive our Virtual Economy.

There are several Digital Currencies entering the marketplace today. The one that you will want to keep you eye on will be Compuceeds. The determining factor for these Digital Currencies will not lie in their existence but how they drive the market.




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