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A Ticket Doesn’t Solve the Situation


Michigan police officer quote: “A ticket doesn’t solve the situation. what solves it is the child being in a booster seat like she should be.”

Sometimes we get confused with what we should do. If this story did not make National news, I’m sure this police officer would be taking some razing from fellow officers for having a soft heart. But, because it did hit the National news, everyone will take notice. Soft heart or not, this officer made a decision that would likely increase the safety for this child rather than push the mother further into financial struggle.


We are engaged in this online community. We may never meet someone that we do business with however, by the mere fact that we are conducting business throughout the World, we might change someone’s life. In the above story, this officer had the opportunity to make a difference by his very conduct and he chose to make his conduct a positive experience for this single mom and her child.

Someone might introduce her to online businesses and you may very well have the opportunity to further her positive outcomes with her financial situation. Maybe it’s another person that is in similar Financial despair but because of your perseverance, you or someone else that you work with was able to reach out and do just enough for that person to get back on their feet.


I read 2 stories today about homeless people. One of them is sad and the other is disappointing. The first one was about a man in his 50’s. He was pan handling on a corner I pass just about daily. He stepped of the curb, lost his balance and fell into the path of a oncoming semi. He was run over and die.

The other was a bout a man that found a lady that he gave money to getting into her car later. He exclaimed to her: “You drive a 2013!”

I have heard story after story of people that are panhandling making a better income than you and me (and they don’t pay taxes either ). But, who is to know who needs help and who doesn’t?

This is why I would like to have an alternative thru building my online business.




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