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Turning Obstacles into Stepping Stones


When you meet the enemy, do you fight or do you hide? I saw the enemy and the enemy is me!

The only thing that stand between me and success is my own constitution. It is what is inside of me that will determine if I meet with success or meet with failure. Although the boxer falls to the thundering blow of his opponent, this in and of itself does not define defeat. It is in accepting this blow as final and giving up the fight that this blow would define defeat!

What is the biggest obstacle with an online business? It is to find customers. You turn this obstacle into a stepping stone and success with your online business is at your beck and calling!


The older lady opened her package and set up her computer. Anxious to get on the Internet, she connected all the cable and plug in her computer. NOTHING! Upset, she called customer services and the kind young man walked her thru all the steps. Still, no avail. He asked her to read the serial number on the computer so he could write up the situation and get her a replacement. She stated that it was too dark to see. He politely asked her if she had a light nearby. With this, she commented she did not since the power had gone off 2 hours before. He held his breath and told her to pack everything up to send back. she asked if it was a serious problem to which he replied it was! He further instructed her to write on the outside of the packaging this message: PLEASE RETURN, CUSTOMER TOO DUMB FOR FURTHER USE!


With the exception of what it stated above, you can turn any obstacle into a stepping stone toward your achievement of success with your online business.

I know the story above is funny and I have another one that is equally as good however, I just want to share with you the opportunity to explore the joy of success. I will freely admit it will not be an easy road but nothing that is good is too easy! Whatever you choose any whatever you do with your time online, remember, it isn’t about someone telling you what to do, or how much you can make. It is about you making decisions for yourself regarding Building Your Online Business.




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