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Smelling like Heaven!

Babies and small children are so close to the Source, they almost smell like heaven! They are naturally at peace and joyful. When their system gets overstimulated, it knows how to restore balance: cry. The crying serves to release the energy that created the imbalance. The little one goes back to it’s natural state (our natural state) of peace and joy.

As we grow, most people are conditioned by parents, caregivers and life experiences, to toughen up. We are told to stop being babies, buck up, brush it off.  The result is a gradually less sensitive body. Our bodies are our vessel in this life. They allow us to experience this amazing world! As they become less sensitive, it gets harder and harder to find the natural peace and joy with which we came.

Life has a solution for us. Slow down! Move slower, breath more slowly, appreciate the people and things around you.  You can do this willingly, or, life can do it’s magic and create circumstances that do it for you. Getting sick, having accidents, losing jobs, are all ways that life has of surprising us, slowing us down, and changing the way we see the world.

In the business world up until now, it’s all been about speeding things up. Do more, get more done, work longer hours. At Compumatrix, the intent is to create a steady stream of income without all that speeding up. Having a reliable income without so much busy-ness may allow you to make the choices that you and your family need in order to slow down, come back into the natural flow and rhythm of life that feels so good!

We all deserve to thrive in this world. That is what we all most want. To be able to live our lives comfortably, savoring good food and sweet experiences. Let’s slow down, take more deep breaths, and see what we choose to do as Compumatrix allows us to work more in rhythm with the natural flow of life.


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