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My little ones, at the daycare, have so much to teach me. They are sensitive and vulnerable, even the rough and tough ones! Innocence. Our essence, as humans. But it is so hard to see, sometimes, isn’t it?

Yesterday, at the daycare, I had a moment when I felt anger. I don’t remember what was happening right before I felt it. But from experience, I trusted myself and went for it.

I stomped my feet, said “I’m angry!”, waved my arms, and discovered I was suddenly having fun! The energy changed immediately, and the kids were surprised at first, maybe a little scared, and then, laughing right along with me.

Those are the moments I live for, with the kids. I can feel the shift in myself, and I can watch it in the kids. They teach me to go with things, rather than fighting against things.

How, you say? Well, if you’ve ever been in a power struggle with a tiny child, you will understand. Things get really hard if you try to fight against them! They are small, but they have a lot more energy and vitality on their side.

We, here at Compumatrix, are dedicated to making the world a better place. One easy way to begin to experience that, is simply to go with things in life, rather than against them.

Letting ourselves feel as we do, can be one of the hardest things for adults to give ourselves permission to do. And yet, it is one small step toward being more in harmony with ourselves and with life.


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