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Grade-A (See me after class)


He confidently walked to the front of the class room with his paper in hand. He did it! His classmates told him he would flunk the class if he didn’t put more effort into writing this paper. When it was handed back to the students by the old Professor, he looked at the cover and in bold letters, there it was: GRADE A, see me after class

He was down to the last week before this assignment was due. The top students started on this the second week of classes. The lesser students waited until after mid terms. He had other plans.

The last week and was he panicked? NO! There were a lot more intelligent students in this field of study from the past then he would ever be. Late one night, he went to the library and deep in the stacks of the library, he found just the right subject. He blew the dust off the manuscript and began to copy it word for word. (PLAGIARISM ) His roommate saw it the next morning and argued with him that he could not do this. Plagiarism is a serious offense in College especially in an Ivy League School!

His argument was that he would never get caught. After all, that manuscript was so old and dusty that no one had looked at it since that student wrote it. Besides, no one would notice and I’m sure that student is long gone and forgot about it anyway!

When he approached the old Professor, he looked up and smiled. The Professor simply stated: “Do you know why you are still at this University? The only reason you are still here is because that paper deserved an “A” but only received a “C” when I TURNED IT IN AS AN UNDER CLASSMAN!”


I had to tell the whole thing so you could take delight in why I really shared it. This was told to me from an upper classman when I was a Freshman at that University. But, my point in sharing it is totally opposite the meaning of this story.

You see, in school we are taught to work for ourselves, compete with other students for class ranking and not to share. However, to be successful in business, you must learn how to share ideas and work together for the benefit of the group.

When working with other people, you have to know that they are willing to work “with you”. In another article (Is Your Business Broken), I mentioned the viewpoint of a marketer that I highly respect. His take is he doesn’t convince people based on Emotion because he would have to convince them again the next day.

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