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When we were new, we didn’t even have a computer (actually we had an Apple 2E). We weren’t online and didn’t know how to surf (as we didn’t want to live in Southern California. Online Businesses weren’t invented yet but the thing at that time was NETWORK MARKETING!

This is just a message so DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, PLEASE!

I don’t have anything against Network Marketing although it is a great source for joking around. The reality of the matter is that Network Marketing continues to produce more Millionaires than any other industry!

That’s not the point of my discussion but I thought I would get that off my chest!

Getting back to When we were new, the people that we were learning how to conduct our business from instilled the idea of reading PMA (positive mental attitude) books. The purpose if this is to create that sense of success within ourselves.


One of the PMA books we were introduced to was a book from Frank Bettger, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling. This book was a fairly complete guide that Frank Bettger used for himself to train himself in selling. Being thrust into the Life Insurance Sales Industry, he found himself ill-prepared to handle himself in this arena. As you progressed thru this book, Frank took you on a journey where he learned how to succeed in the industry. He went from the point of almost quitting to becoming one of the most successful Life Insurance Salesmen of his time.

At his low point where he was ready to pack it in and find another career, 2 things saved him.
First, he gave up and was packing up his belongings when the sales team came in the office for a meeting. He was too embarrassed to let anyone know he was quitting so his plan was to sit thru the meeting and after everyone left, he would quietly finish gathering his belongings and leave.
Second, The sales manager’s statement: As the meeting droned on, the sales manager stopped everyone and exclaimed: “Do you know what the secret to selling is? SEE THE PEOPLE!”





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