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If your retirement options doesn’t include owning a home business, you are missing out on the best option available today. I just saw in Yahoo trending the subject of Retirement Planning. When I clicked on it, I was vastly disappointed with the material. I felt the betrayal is continuing. Not only is Financial Education lacking but what they call it is misleading at best.

Take for instance the 401K plans. As I read recently: The 401K is one product that millions of Americans buy when they don’t even know what it is. When I read that statement, I wanted to know more of what this person was talking about. Looking back over the years, I always felt the direction of retirement was heading in the wrong direction. I never felt comfortable with the 401K, IRA or Roth IRA for that matter.

What options does this leave?


This may not be the top option in your book however, it is something that can be done with relative ease. There is a few words of caution that I might add: it’s not for everyone!

The reason I state this is because you have to be disciplined to succeed. People get “fired” everyday from places of employment (and several more should be. Why is this the case? It is due to lack of productivity or discipline. If you are one of those that I refer to as should be fired, then you would not want to go into owning an online business.

That statement could be off the mark by a mile because the lack of productivity may not be due to laziness but often it is the result of the work environment. I have worked for a company that employed 1200 people in the plant I worked for. Clearly 10% of them were not productive at all. Some technicians told me about a fellow employee that they turned in for putting in overtime everyday but could not be found at the plant for 2-4 hours every day. They almost got fired for point this out!


I want to emphasis this factor. I saw a video on You Tube (How Bad Do You Want It)

I suggest you watch it and make sure you can find it when the times get tough. All you have to keep on the tip of your mind is this:






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