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The Future of Payments? Just You.

[In the not so distant future] eWallet is Payment as a Service. The Future of Payments requires no Card, Gadgets, PC or Mobile Phones: Just You.

The Local Payments Market is dominated by fiat but not for long. The payments industry had been constantly and rapidly evolving from shells, stones, gold, to fiat, to checks, to debit or credit cards, to online payments, to mobile payments.

How about a payment system that all you have to bring with you is your brain?

That’s eWallet. As long as you know your username, password and pin, you will never worry about payments anymore. If you were robbed in an alley and all they can take are your clothes, then you can go butt naked to your favorite stores and come out fully clothed since there’s one thing they can’t get from you: your brain. Of course, you need to protect yourself first by knowing some of those karate, kick or screaming modes of protection. Don’t blame me if you would actually see this scenario in the future. eWallet is envisioned as your ultimate payments partner. With zero fees and allows you to fund it online or offline. You won’t deal with banks or remittance services, just you and your next door neighbor or just around the corner at your favorite coffee shop or store. Most people would be virtual prepaid card resellers or dealers anyway.

Got no money but got brains?

Then work your way out of the rat race by contributing content. Cryptoceeds eWallet allows you to fund your account with any accepted means of payments including digital currency.

And where can you get the best digital currency in the market? Where else? That would be Compumatrix Social Networks. Becoming an author, contributor, subscriber or just contributing on the forum allows you to earn the Compuceeds Digital Currency. No software to download. No mining rigs to invest into. Just you and your PC and your ability to be productive.

The future depends on you. Your ability to share this global revolution and innovation on payments requires you. And of course, have fun building our global network and earn at the same time.


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