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Does Your Online Business Give You Time


I was confronted the other day about spending all my time in front of this computer. I was dumbfounded. Isn’t the reason you have an online business so you can work from home?

I guess the part I didn’t get was spending time with the kids. All of my kids have a hard time with the amount of time I spend on the computer. I guess they are lucky that I’m even here as opposed to when I had jobs that I worked 12-16 hour days!

Of course that is not the point at all. I have a hard time when everyone thinks since I am home, that I can always run and pick up kids or grab something from the store in the middle of the day, etc. Yes, that is a benefit of working from home. I don’t have to shop at times that everyone else has available. (I do miss those crowds! LOL)


This is the ultimate question. Everyone wants to know if one of the benefits of having an online business is so you can actually have more time to be home and spending time with your family. I don’t mind those little interruptions when I am working at my computer. Actually, I rather enjoy being able to walk outside (and when the kids were younger, throw the ball for 15 minutes.)

You need to pay particular attention to this: Your online business can never give you your time back!

What ever is important to you, you better find the time and seize the moment. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t still work those 16 hour days. (I have some advice for those of you that do!) I still remember to this day one particular week that I only went to work twice. I still worked 72 hours that week!





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