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Fitness Centers and Fast Food


Is it just me or does it seem that fitness centers and fast food have a symbiotic relationship?

Just think about it! First, the most attractable corners have been taken up by the major Fast Food Franchises. Next, the Fitness Centers fill in the locations in the middle of the strip malls. These are locations that are close enough for the trip to work, the trip home or any other time. Just to make it very convenient, some of these places are now up 24/7 so you can finish that last movie and still find the time to work out!

What is the real issue here?

The real issue is lack of time! We are in such a hurry all the time that we no longer have time to eat properly. We know some of these items on the menu will add a spare tire around the middle but they taste so good. But, it is not only the taste that we love, it is also the lack of time we have for food preparation. It is easier to grab a pizza or burgers while we rush the kids to their latest sports endeavor.


There is a great need to get your time back in your life. If you aren’t going to give up the time getting the kids to their sports or spending time on vacation (and adding debt to the equation) then maybe it is time for you to consider some alternatives. This article is not about the fact that fitness centers and fast food have a symbiotic relationship. What this is about is related to looking at the time factor differently.

If you have to give up something related to time, have you considered owning an online business? I won’t guarantee you can walk away from your job tomorrow but you can look at it as an investment in your future. Instead of picking up that part-time job across town, maybe that 20 second commute down the hall is that key.

Maybe you will be able to find that extra time for healthy cooking at home or a better menu at a restaurant that serves “home cooked meals” 




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