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Getting messy revisited!

Kids don’t ask permission.  They just do what they do.  Yes, sometimes they seem to obey us.  But it is my hope that the kids I work with are listening and following their own sweet hearts, and not just obeying me.

Adults could take a lesson from kids in that department.  Getting messy is scarier for adults than it is for kids, that’s for sure!  Getting messy can mean looking bad, disappointing others, losing your temper, when you are an adult.  And yet, being willing to get messy in those kinds of ways is what allows us to be fully ourselves.

We will do things that look like mistakes, that feel like mistakes.  Are they?  Who knows?  All I know is that without being willing to make mistakes, we don’t tend to grow.  Just ‘obeying’ all the time, doesn’t teach us anything.

When the kids in my class hit, push or bite, I could take them away from the others, and sometimes, if there’s real danger to another child, I do.  But what I’d rather do, is to make it easy for them to succeed at being gentle.  I model it myself.  I lead them through it.  I congratulate every tiny step they take.  I tell them how proud I am of them.

Doing that for ourselves, rather than being our own critic, is part of what truly becoming an adult means.  Let’s make it easy to be gentle with ourselves and others!  Model it for yourself, whenever you can.  Tell yourself what a beautiful and innocent being of light you are!  Congratulate yourself for the tiny step of simply saying I love you to your own sweet heart, each time you do it.  Move slowly, as a way of honoring the divinity within you, and bit by bit, adding those things in, the old patterns will fall away.

You deserve to be treated with kindness.  Who will do it, if you don’t?  The world only wants to celebrate you as much as you are willing to celebrate yourself.  It will undoubtedly jump into the celebration as soon as you are willing to declare you are ready for it!  You must be getting close, because Compumatrix is poised and ready to help you thrive!  May we all embrace this as the time to start celebrating!





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