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My Online Business, Worth the Wait


It’s been years in planning and years in waiting but it will be worth the wait!

Some people have a narrow range of vision (or short sighted) and everything has to be in view and predictable. This is NOT where the fortunes are made. I remember a quote from the insurance industry, “you work 9-5 to earn a living and you work 5-9 to earn a life” This refers to the fact that you work your regular “job” during the day to pay your day to day bills. It is the time after your work day that will earn your lifestyle.

While we have been working our “9-5” grind, something else has been happening. We have been waiting on the full development of our company called Compumatrix. This is something that has taken a lot of planning and presenting throughout the World at various levels. We are on the eve of all our time invested to seeing this become a reality (as a matter of fact, it is now a reality). The time, the planning, the meetings and etc, all comes down to this: Was it worth the wait?


What is Compumatrix? It is my online business. I guess that is the short version of a description so maybe I should give you a better glimpse. Here is the part where I explain (or attempt to) the part of worth the wait. When I reflect on the fact that I have waited for this to come together, I realize that I have waited years for all the pieces to fit into the puzzle. However, I am also reminded that I did not derived income during that time. To this, my thought shift to the fact that I am starting to see an income that will surpass what I currently make (“9-5”) and will continue. As time glides by, we will be making more than most people have the capability to earn.

My online business: Compumatrix, Worth The Wait.




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