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Your Online Business and the Corporate Ladder


I was sitting there looking around the room. Paying attention? Not really. Until the speaker made this statement: “I was doing everything I could to climb the Corporate Ladder until I realized it was leaning against the wrong wall!”

I don’t really consider any of my time as an employee as being spent in Corporate America. I actually did work “temporarily” for a Fortune 500 company once. Although that was the case, I did not consider myself in any position of climbing the Corporate ladder. You have heard the phrases before and here is another one (one that I felt): Hitting the Glass Ceiling.

Whether it is an attempt at climbing the Corporate Ladder or Hitting the Glass Ceiling, is this really the struggles in life that you are destined to endure?


When you lean your ladder on the right wall, the destiny of your life changes. Sometimes it’s just the act itself that changes your life. This could be due to the fact that you ventured out and trust yourself. With changes within yourself, dramatic changes can occur around you. I heard Zig Zigler talk about a woman that came to him and told him how awful her job was and the people she worked with. He had her adjust some things in her life. She saw him 3-4 months later. She told him she could not believe how much her co-workers changed.

When you are ready to make an adjustment in your life, consider 2 things that are precious to everybody: Time and Money.

When you look at these, think about the fact that these two issues are often interwoven. In consideration of this factor, will your consider where you spend your time to earn your income? With this in mind, wouldn’t NOW be a good time to consider an ONLINE BUSINESS?


What is holding you back (in life)? Is it TIME OR MONEY?

I will not be the one to tell you to give up climbing the Corporate ladder. However, I will be the one to consider getting a better EDUCATION! That education that I am referring to is your Financial Education.

I learned recently, due to some recent ongoing “financial education”, I am studying information in a field of study that the people in this field are not adequately informed on! I found this astonishing. This information puts me in a very good position for further establishing my Financial situation.

So, I ask again: Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to consider an online business?




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