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Donating to Your Favorite Charity


I know you want to give more and do more for those needs you see and hear about all the time. You also think others that have money should be giving more. Why not you?

When it comes to Charity work, there is no one better to rely on than yourself. You may have personal experiences with a certain need that others do not understand. You may have a family member that is suffering from a medical disorder that gives you a little more insight to the needs of the organizations that serve that need. When you are directly related to a need, you have a deeper understanding of what level of giving is necessary to accomplish certain goals of those organizations.


Years ago, we started and ran a non-profit organization. We could not get funding for the program thru donations from the community. (Our largest donation came from 2,000 miles away- by word of mouth!) Because of the need for funding from local businesses, we decided to start our own home based business.

As time moved forward, this evolved into working an online business. (When we got the hang of computers!) This was all driven by the desire to have a funding source for our own non-profit organization. Although we no longer run the organization, the drive is still there for funding Charities.


Using your online business as a source of funding for your charity support should be one of your driving forces that will create the need for success in your online business. This is similar to the fact that you generally look at donating 10% of your income to your church and charity work already.

When you look at the needs to drive you business from this perspective, you just might have a force to be reckoned with! There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are joining the concept that the likes of those such as Bill Gates are promoting. This is the 50% Club. Their goal is to donate 50% of their incomes. I want to be a part of that Club!




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