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Online Business Review- You Can’t Do It All


I was listening to a recorder Google Hangout and one of the presenters made a few statements about today’s technology. In his statements, he listed a number of online marketing strategies. He also made the statement that YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL! With that in mind, he continued his conversation regarding building a team to work with.

This is what I want to address today. Building a Team.

When we first looked into the field of owning an online business, we never realized how this business could run such parallels with the offline business community. Most small businesses are comprised of a Team. If you opened a corner store doing leather repair work for example (repairing shoes, saddles and etc.), you may think this could be a “one person” operation. You might be the only one with the skills to do the work the business is based on however, you still need a team. (Although it may not be obvious.)

In the above example, consider the need of an accountant, a banker, materials supplier, etc. Although they may not work directly within the business, they are still an integral “Team Player”.


What partners would you be looking for while engaged in building a team for your online business?

This could be simple if your business is in network marketing or affiliate marketing. However, what if your business was simply selling one product that you personally developed. Who would be your team members?

Other than the obvious (the accountant, banker, etc), your team members could be your customers. Take away the customers from this equation and who do you have left as team members?

Regarding my very first paragraph, when you are considering building a team, you need to take into account the fact that nobody buys from a ghost! If you are INVISIBLE, then you will NOT have any sales! An integral part of your team will be derived from your marketing efforts. This is what that call was about that I was listening to. It was about building a team of marketing professionals to get your product and services in front of those customers that want, need and desire your products.




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