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Does the Government Control Your Income


If you are reading this, you are probably self employed and running your own online business or this is your desire to do so. So, why am I asking: Does the Government Control Your Income?

There was an article the other day that I like to refer to it as: Business News That Will Question Pay Structures!

That article is: A Wells Fargo Employee Emailed The CEO Asking For A $10,000 Raise And He CC’d 200,000 Other Employees

The email that this employees sent will question the pay structure of this company as well as other large multi-billion dollar corporations. However, this is not the point I want to stress at the moment. The point is getting back to the question: Does the Government Control Your Income?

The reason I ask this is because of a comment from a conversation years ago. The comment was this: “large corporations will pay just enough to stay competitive and not too much to lose profit share. Beyond this, they have to keep in mind the difficulty the GOVERNMENT has placed on companies regarding firing non-productive employees. Thereby, they have to spread the income across all the employees in that employee class so the PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES can carry the NON-PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES and not produce a negative revenue loss.”


If you didn’t catch it in his email (then go and read it again) the author of this email has his own plans own his own business. He doesn’t plan to continue working in the “rat race” as he has bigger plans. This is something that you may consider as well. If you feel you are caught up in this rat race and you want out (or you are tired of the “merry-go-round” ), consider your personal ticket is an online business.




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