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Online Business Review- Printing Money at Home


This has pretty much been the joke of the century (last century included). You go into the bank with a bunch of cash that the teller has to count. All the bills are wadded up and out of order. The teller looks up at you (without a smile) and you look back at her and say: “I printed that money at home”. She smiles back knowing you are joking but it took the tension off her task of counting all that money.

About 14 years ago, I was an online employee for a small Internet company. (I was the employee of a 2 person partnership.) We came to an agreement on my assignments and what I agreed to be paid on a weekly bases. When it came time to be paid, I would take my check to the bank and let them run it thru their check reading machine. After about the 3rd pass, I would look at them with this smile on my face and tell them: “it’s not going to read it! I print money at home!”

To their dismay, they had to enter the information from the check by hand. You see, I literally printed money at home. The check was printed from my printer at home with the use of an online software program that was set up as a means of an online payment solution.


When I think back to those times, I have to think how archaic that technology was. Since then, we have moved right thru several other payment solutions to serve our online needs.

Today, we are entering the age of Digital Currency. There is no software to download and the fees are virtually eliminated. Although we have many choices, some Digital Currencies are better suited than others. Some applications for conducting payment solutions can handle situations both offline as well as online.




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