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Online Business Review- Sell Me Something


Johnny Carson was hosting Saturday Night Live and he had Zig Ziglar on. He turned and said, “Zig, they tell me you are the greatest salesman. Why don’t you sell me something!” Ziglar said: “Johnny, you want me to sell you something. What do you want me to sell you?” Johnny Carson looked around. He said, “Sell me this ashtray!” Ziglar said, “Johnny, this is a really nice ashtray. So, you like this ashtray?” Carson replied, “I do.” Ziglar stated, “Johnny, how much would you pay for this ashtray?” Carson said, “$20 Bucks!” Ziglar said, “SOLD!”

Don’t you wish all your sales were that simple? Of course if you were Zig Ziglar, they would be. After all, he had years and years of experience. Now, try to imagine when he first got started. It wasn’t that simple at that time for him either.

The aspect of “selling something” isn’t new at all however, it may be new to you. Do you remember the first time you had to give a speech in front of your class or to another audience. YOU WERE TERRIFIED! What happened? Well, if you are reading this, I guess it didn’t kill you like you thought!


Well, well, you thought this was the way to go! Now that you are online, you will never have to do a speech again! Guess again my little Sunshine! The World of E-Commerce went to Digital Communication. What does that mean exactly? Well, now there are Webinars and conference rooms (or you might be using your online presence to invite people to meet you offline or by phone!

You didn’t escape that face to face communication that you thought you were going to avoid by “going online”. In another article (Turning Obstacles into Stepping Stones), I wrote: The only thing that stand between me and success is my own constitution. It is what is inside of me that will determine if I meet with success or meet with failure.




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