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Online Business Review- Breaking Barriers


Breaking thru barriers is always a big deal. Several decades ago, no one had run the mile in under 6 minutes. Once this barrier was broken, it seemed everyone that was waiting started running the mile under 6 minutes. After reading an article the other day, I thought how difficult it was for us to understand what it meant to break the sound barrier. That was one thing but what caught my eye was the photograph that was taken of a F-18 Jet breaking the sound barrier and the vapor ring around it! Wow! (Double Wow!)

The incredible part of the story was the photographer worked for this photo for 5 years! As a photographer, I understood the significance of his endeavor. This put me into another frame of thought!


Just as the F-18 broke the sound barrier and formed the vapor ring (which last only tenths of a second, by the way), you have to hold this drive deep within yourself to break thru the milieu of failure in the online business community.


In another article (Your Virtual World, The Value of Your Time), I made these comments:
1.  you would only be earning 2 Quarters for an hour of work!

As the speaker continued, he stated the obvious: “I’m worth more than that!

2.  this is more like what I’m worth!

Then your business sky-rockets and you are making $50- $100 per hour! You realize I’m not worth that kind of money! Wow!

In that article, I was pointing out the relative value that you hold for yourself may or may not be the value that the World around you holds. You may think you are not achieving and quit before you strike gold!

Are you willing to do what is necessary so you can Break the Barriers of Your Online Business?





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