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We Are All Connected

Science is slowly catching up with what the mystics have known all along. We are all connected. Science speaks of a holographic reality. That is more true than we could ever imagine!

Many already know what it is that connects us. The rest of us surely will agree. Our hearts are the place wherein we all connect. When we come to be true to our hearts, we also are in service to all of humanity.

As hard as it is to believe, we are never not in service to the whole! No matter what it is that we experience, seem to choose, think or feel, it is always happening for the wellbeing of all. Even those horrible things that life dishes out, are used in service, for the wellbeing of all.

You notice, I did not, and will not say that those horrible things are good, right or meant to be. All I said was that they are used for the wellbeing of all. When something happens that causes pain, anguish, agony, death…Life, in it’s infinite wisdom is able to patch that together into a quilt that offers greater sustenance, growth and abundance for everyone.

Whatever it is you call it, Life, Spirit, Source, God, Allah… It is the great orchestrator of our reality. It does not dish out the pain and anguish. It knows how to use it, for the greatest good, when it occurs.

We all understand this, from our own experiences in life. We can all look back and see how something that was painful, something we would never choose to have happen, has impacted us for the better. We have learned, become stronger, feel greater care for others…

Be not afraid. You matter. Everything you do, say, feel and think, matters. And I do not mean that in any punitive way. Your experiences add to the depth and breadth of Life’s knowing. You can trust Life to guide you through. It knows you better than you know yourself. Just experience life as it happens. You are wildly and miraculously supported.

All is well!


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