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COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product


If you have been in Network Marketing before, you have heard this phrase: you have to be a product of the product!

What does this mean, exactly? I always looked at it as if you were selling a product, you have to show the value of the product by using it yourself. (Example: If you were a Salesman for a Chevrolet Dealership, you just might want to drive a Chevy to convince buyers that you value your own product.)

I’m not trying to “sell you” my product (just a Payment Solution).

What ever your product is or whatever your service is, can you convince me of its value? If you use this product or service yourself, you are half way there!


When it comes to E-Commerce, name everything (in your head) that you can think of as it relates to your ability to earn an income online while conducting your online business.

Unless you read the title of this section, I bet you didn’t even consider the aspect of GETTING PAID (or a Payment Solution).

You probably thought first about your product. Then you thought about your customers. Opps, your second thought should have been a online marketing plan! You may have even thought about stocking inventory.

The first thing you might want to consider is two-fold:
1. Can I make money with this?
2. How will I get PAID?

Have you really given consideration to the expansion of your business interests? When it comes to this, are you ready to “break out” and really become independent? It is in Independence that we find Freedom (Financial Freedom).


For me, I see a clashing of my business Worlds. (Actually, that is the wrong word but it will have to suffice for the moment)

My online business product is (and is not) COMPUCEEDS.

COMPUCEEDS is a product but beyond this, they are representative of an online payment solution. In another post (The Road to Riches, Paved With Compuceeds), I mentioned the following:

We often hear about The Road to Riches. The Road to Riches is Paved With Gold.

What are we really referring to? As far fetched as it may seem, our reference is merely a desire for our own Financial Freedom. As we move forward with life, we want security and safety. Unfortunately, we trade Freedom for Security!

The mere fact that we want Financial Freedom does not allow us to neglect foundational thinking when it comes to developing our business. I will be honest with you when I state that I have struggled with my desire to continue with online businesses because the road is NOT easy. However, I would not trade the Freedom it affords.

When I speak of COMPUCEEDS, I am only talking about one facet (or the other). Which facet am I talking about?

I invite you to find a better product than COMPUCEEDS or a better Payment Solution than CRYPTOCEEDS. (Did you catch how I slipped in that other facet???)

Am I going to leave you hanging at this moment in time?
Yes I Am!




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