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My Online Business is NOT a Slow Walk Thru the Mall


I walk in the mornings when I have the time. I usually walk with a friend of mine but if she isn’t available, I still walk with my dog. Pongo. (Yes, he is a Dalmatian) I walk generally regardless of the weather. If it’s windy and snowing, I bundle up. My husband has often suggested walking in the Mall when the weather is severe. s a matter of fact, he has lately taken to walking a few laps in the Mall after he drops kids off at school. I guess he likes the “Climate Control”

When we met, we used to live in a very heavy snowy environment. He didn’t seem to mind the snow back then. However, he has told me about being done with his minus 20 degrees F (-20 F) weather and riding horse in blizzards!


You may wonder what all of the above has to do with my online business (or yours). Nothing, Really!

LOL, I’m kidding! it has a lot to do with the direction and dedication you take with your online businesses. What works for one “doesn’t necessarily work for all”. Just because my husband likes “climate control” doesn’t mean he didn’t like when he rode horseback in the Mountains at 20 below! (The coldest he told me he rode was 30 below!)

The question of the day is: What are you doing for climate control for your online business?

Are you going to MANAGE (that’s a bad word) your online business so you can avoid the severe weather or are you going to prepare for whatever storm comes your way?

(I better explain why MANAGE is a bad word. In your online business development, you do not want to “drop” into the “MANAGEMENT” mode too soon. This is why it can be a bad word. You have to remain in the Development mental frame work unless you can turn that over to others.)

Do not allow your ONLINE BUSINESS to become a Slow Walk thru the Mall!




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