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Online Business Review- Are You Set For Business


In this World of Online Businesses vs Offline Business, the driving question is (and always will be) Are you set for Business?

In a sense, this can be a very compelling question. It can have a number of differences dependent on the business we are discussing at the moment. In this article and the next one I will write (Online Business Review- Are You Incorporated), I will be discussing a limited aspect of getting ready to conduct a business (and for our reference, an online business).

For the purpose of this article, we will be using the online business opportunity “Compumatrix“.

As you set up your business, one of the top considerations will be Inventory. Without an inventory, there is not a reasonable assumption in the World for your business to open the doors or for that matter to survive.



A brand new store opened in my neighborhood recently. We watched with anticipation then the trucks started to arrive. The construction was finished, the parking lot paved and the sod laid down. Now, it was time to stock the store.

With this in mind, I was thinking about my own online business. Do I have my inventory stocked and am I set for business? When you are in E-Commerce, stocking your inventory can be so simple (but do not overlook this). There is nothing worse in business than to have paying customers and NOT HAVING THE INVENTORY to sell them!

With Compumatrix, one of our products is: Virtual Pre-Paid Cards (VPC’s) We have 4 card values. These cards are held in packages of Compuceeds (the Digital Currency produced by Compumatrix)

Diamond Package: 500 Compuceeds
Ruby Package: 100 Compuceeds
Gold Package: 50 Compuceeds
Silver Package: 10n Compuceeds

You can learn more about What Compuceeds Are and what value they will become in your online business and E-Commerce ventures by joining our Compumatrix Forum.

I’m still in the process of opening my store and assisting others with theirs. Meanwhile, I am checking and replenishing my inventory. Just as you would check your inventory if you ran a physical retail outlet, at the end of the day 9or week), you count what you have in stock and order new inventory.

This is the same process I use with my product (Compuceed VPCs).




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