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The World Was In Black and White


Calvin was sitting on the front steps of his home talking to his dad. He asked: “Dad, why are the old photos always in Black and White? Wasn’t there Color film back then?” His dad replied, “No Calvin, there has always been color film. Back then, the World was in Black and White

And so, Calvin of the book, Calvin and Hobbs was a little more confused about the World and the World of Photography.

Did you know that Photography is for real! After all, if you put it in front of a camera, take a picture, it must be the real thing! However, have you ever wondered how terrible someone looked when you saw their photo in the newspaper? A newspaper photographer is not an exacting artist. Think about how a photo can be distorted when it is taken with the wrong lens. Then, think about this: how a story can be distorted when it is NOT relayed properly!


Do you believe everything you hear? (How about what a Politician tells you? How do you tell if a Politician is lying? His lips are moving!) We are studying some business concepts and one of the things we heard lately is this. Do you think they are going to tell you everything? If they are in need to sell, maybe there will be something they do not want you to know up front.

If I were in a Resort Town and had a shop selling T-Shirts for $20 each, do you think I am going to tell you about my competition on the block off the main road (where his rent is cheaper) that is selling the same T-Shirts for $15 each?

The name of the game is Advertising. And the name of Advertising is Building Relationships!

Do you think Pepsi or Coke need to advertise so you know their product? (I know I just made you thirsty but get back here, we are almost done!) Of course they do not need to let you know about their product. They need to maintain their relationship with their customers (YOU AND ME).




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