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Do You Have ENTHUSIASM With Your Online Business


Do you have enthusiasm with your online business?

Have you read Napoleon Hill’s LAWS OF SUCCESS. I will warn you it isn’t something that you want to read on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a bit long and something that you have to read over time. (If you want the short version, go to You Tube: Napoleon Hill – Laws of Success – Full Length )

One of the Laws of Success is ENTHUSIASM. If you want to succeed (in anything) you need to have enthusiasm for whatever your desire drives you to attain.


Are you excited when you turn on your computer? I’m not talking about logging into your account to check to see how many sales you have! You may not be at that point with your online business yet.

Let’s say you are just starting out and you really aren’t sure just what you got yourself into. Are you excited to turn on your computer so you cans study your new adventure? Do you look forward to what the potential is? Have you considered how you are going to grow your online business?

While I was thinking of this subject, I thought what are the top prices that are being asked for Napoleon Hill’s book LAWS OF SUCCESS. I typed it into the search and came up with a listing for $2700.00 and another for over $8900.00! The reality is the information in these volumes is PRICELESS!


How do you place a value on your online business?

This value has to be bigger than a monetary price tag. In another post (Quality of Life), I stated the following and I will leave this with you:

“Many people start their online businesses because they are trying to escape the “rat race”. They got themselves caught up in the day to day grind of their existence in their jobs and now they want a way out. Success to them means a better quality of life.”





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