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Compumatrix Sponsor: BannerSnack.

What was it?

The banner was so simple, almost banal, that I wonder now what it was about it that brought my attention to it.

Was it the colour? I do love orange. But light and bright pure spectral orange, like the brilliance you see after you have gazed at the sun at dawn with your eyes closed ~ And this banner was a rather dullish muted shade of orange. Subtly attractive, although not super-duper eye-catchingly so.

Was it the simplicity of the design? There were absolutely no images. And I’m always drawn to images ~ Images of pristine clarity, images that reflect beauty and nature, as well as those that are more obscure and tend to arouse even more curiosity.

Was it the style of the text? Simple and easy to read ‘Arial.’ While some may say ‘boring, boring’ ~ It’s always so much easy to take in the actual meaning of text when it can be read at a glance. Accordingly simple, non-serif and fine typefaces have always been my preference ~ Particularly on banners where the content needs to be instantly recognizable.

Thus the style of the text played a very important role in enticing me to ‘investigate’ the product this banner was promoting further. But it wasn’t JUST the style. What was it?

In the end: I saw that it was the actual wording that really piqued my interest:

‘Flash and HTML banners made easy. No coding.’


The BannerSnack banner

I had seen the BannerSnack banner before on the Compumatrix Portal, but at the time I had been so absorbed in the activity of buying  Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Cards that I had hardly noticed it ~ And yet seeing it again now, something ‘recognized’ it and wanted to find out more.

Ever since I started working online I have been observing all the different types of Banner Advertising we have become so accustomed to seeing on websites everywhere. Being an artist, I’m attracted to professional graphic design as an art in itself and although I’ve designed static banners with Photoshop, I still hadn’t ~ As yet, designed any dynamic ‘Flash’ banners.

Here was my chance: A Banner Maker where no coding was needed to make Flash and HTML banners.

To be continued

In my next article for the Compumatrix Blog I will relate how I joined BannerSnack as a free member in order to experiment with the BannerSnack tools ~ And how I created the banner that you can now see at


Alison Lee Cousland is a contemporary artist and designer, with interests in natural health & healing: ecological & sustainable living: blogging & social media.

Alison brings all her creative skills and passion to her current position at Compumatrix, supporting the vision of Henry James Banayat: That every individual, given the opportunity to use their own special talents, can turn what they do best into a sustainable source of online income.


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